Let’s change pace. From the sublime to the ridiculous!" -Sister Applonie

Wondrous Love

Emerging with beauty and grace, well-known Utah choral conductor Jean Applonie has ushered the BYU Women’s Chorus into the ranks of BYU’s premier auditioned choirs.

The BYU Women’s Chorus presents its first complete CD with the beautifully executed Wondrous Love.

  1. 1. Grace
    Words by John Newton; Early American melody; arr. Mark Hayes
  2. 2. Wondrous Love
    Early American Sacred Harp hymn; arr. Betty Bertaux
  3. 3. The Snow
    Words by C. Alice Elgar; music by Edward Elgar
  4. 4. Ave Maria
    Music by David MacIntyre
  5. 5. For Good
    Words and music by Stephen Schwartz
  6. 6. Sing Creations Music On
    Words by John Clare; music by Stephen Paulus
  7. 7. Where Can I Turn for Peace?
    Words by Emma Lou Thayne; music by Joleen G. Meredith; arr. Dwight Bigler
  8. 8. The Cloths of Heaven
    Words by William Butler Yeats; music by Eleanor Daley
  9. 9. Bonny Wood Green
    Traditional Irish ballad; arr. Stephen Hatfield
  10. 10. Psalm 23
    Words from Psalm 23; music by Z . Randall Stroope
  11. 11. Things that Never Die
    Words by Charles Dickens; music by Lee Dengler
  12. 12. The Erie Canal
    Words and music by Thomas S. Allen; arr. Clifton J. Noble Jr.
  13. 13. How Do I Love Thee?
    Words adapted from Elizabeth Barrett Browing; music by Nathan Christensen
  14. 14. Without a Song
    Words by William Rose and Edward Eliscu; music by Vincent Youmans; arr. Kirby Shaw
  15. 15. Hallelujah
    Words by Charles Wesley; music by William Walker; arr. Jean S. Applonie

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