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Brigham Young University Women’s Chorus is  large ensemble honoring the elegance of the female voice through focused technique and well-rehearsed sound. Comprised of more than 160 members, Women’s Chorus is a collection of university students gathering from all over the United States as well as diverse nations around the world.

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Join us: September 28, 2021


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RISE, MY SOUL is the third full length album the BYU Women’s Chorus has recorded under the direction of Jean Applonie. The album features songs that assure and nourish the soul, and affirm faith, hope, and love.

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BYU Women’s Chorus’s Mission is to provide meaningful artistic and spiritual experiences for its singers and audiences. Women’s Chorus highlights the elegance of united female voices singing repertoire from all eras and styles for the worship and love of God. Rehearsals, activities, and performances engage expressive music for singers and audiences to build faith, foster divine potential, and to HEAR HIM.